Founding: In 2022, in busy Amsterdam, someone tired of flashy brands started CLASS Amsterdam. Tired of all the noise in fashion, they wanted a brand that spoke quietly but elegantly. CLASS Amsterdam was founded as a quiet and stylish place for people who wanted a break from all the noise. It was a response to not liking the big brands that made too much noise.

Mission and Vision: CLASS Amsterdam has a simple vision - to be a safe, quiet shop for people who like quiet and stylish clothes. We believe that real style doesn't have to be loud; it can be soft and still make a statement. Our goal is to make clothes that don't follow every trend, but always remain stylish. We want to bring together people who, like us, appreciate simple and timeless fashion. With each carefully crafted outfit, we want to show that fashion is about expressing yourself without shouting. CLASS Amsterdam is here to encourage a movement towards a quieter and more dignified way of dressing, where your clothes silently reflect who you are.

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